How do I get to Riding Ancient Rome stable?
We are 25 minutes from the center of Rome (Colosseum) and you can choose to reach the stable in many ways.
Address: Via dei Cercenii 15
Public transportation: take the underground line A (to the Colli Albani – Parco Appia Antica stop).
The 765, 87 and 660 routes also run near here.
Directions to the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, Circus of Maxentius and Catacombs: these two monumental complexes are very next the stable and are served by the 660 bus.
By taxi: coming from the center of rome you must consider 25 minutes taxi, it depends on traffic!
Archeobus: see this touristic bus itinerary, you can choose to reach us with it – go to link
Private car: we have PARKING inside the stable, no worries!
Please refer to the map.
Click here to view Google Map

Can I or we do a PRIVATE RIDE?
Yes, is possible to book a PRIVATE RIDE and we suggest you to do it especially if you’re good riders and you want to decide your horse gaits, together with our expert guides. You can also choose a PRIVATE RIDE if you want to keep the tour only for you, also for a romantic goal! ?

Do we have to be able to ride?
Our horses cater for every level of experience from never-ridden-before to experienced.
Pre Horse Trek lessons are available with our guide, inside the stable.
Ask if you want to have a pre-lesson before leaving the stable to ride on the Appian Way.

We have children, what can we book?
Our starting age to ride an horse is 16 years old.
Younger children can also ride but we need to have a guide walking next to the horse and lead him.
Please tell us that you’re coming with children and we will tell you the cost and when it will be possible.

I am an EXPERIENCED Rider, what can you offer me?
We are passionate about our horses as you and we want to give you the best experience possible.
Normally we do walking treks along the Appian Way buti f you’re an experienced rider and you want to have the joy of trotting and canter with our guides on the wonderful countryside of the Appian Way you can choose to book for a private tour and manage directly with the guide the gaits. We have horses for experienced riders and are more than happy to take you on an exciting faster paced tour.

What do I need to wear?
We recommend long trousers (jeans also are perfect!) and closed shoes, no sandals or jandels if possible, is better for you!

Can I bring my camera?
Absolutely, we are happy to take pictures for you to capture those special memories of you horse riding in Rome, don’t worry if you forget though as we will happily take pictures and email them through to you at the end of the day.

When are you open?
We are open 7 days a week except Christmas Day

Do I need to book?
Yes and the best is to do it some days in advance. If you’re planning to come to rome not so close we suggest you to book anyway because, especially spring and summertime, we have lots of tours already booked. Our inner rule is that our horses never have to ride more then 4 hours maximum and even during the long day light days of our summer, we leave our horses having a rest after their 4 hrs of work. That’s why booking and do it some days before is essential!

What happens if it is raining?
We do ride in all weathers.
We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy for horse riding with us that we are flexible with through winter months – the weather in Rome is a microclimate so if you are unsure please call within 3 hours of your ride to confirm your horse trek, we are happy to postpone and transfer your deposit as we are mindful that not everybody enjoys riding in the rain.

Are there toilet facilities available?
There is a toilet at the stable where we  meet before our riding tour.

There’s any facilities around for someone who doesn’t want to ride?
Yes! We are in the center of Ancient Rome but you can also find a nice bar on the Appian Way! ? We do have also a clubhouse and we hope to get soon organized soon to welcome not riders for a coffee or a glass of wine. Anyway, not riders can easily reach the Appian Way for a walk and we are 10 minutes walking away from Cecilia Metella and Catacombs.

If I book a Ride&Eat tour, can I ask for a particular food?
Sure!! We are ready to satisfy all your need and always keeping the style of our homemade cuisine.
We can make lunch for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free and also choose the correct meat for you if you have particular needs. Our vegetables come from our organic garden!