“Amazing experience”
It was an amazing experience to see rome from another view, getting out from the city and just go through marvelous landscape & some historical paths. The stable is owned and managed by a family, really helpful & polite and they really enjoy their job. When calling to book just ask for “lorela”, she speaks good english. 20 min by taxi from spanish steps.
Ahmad A

“Fabulous experience!”
My friend and I went on a two hour ride on two beautiful horse who were excellent condition. My horse was 20 years old and looked about 10 and is one of the most well balanced horses I have ridden for a long time, top quality! The ride itself was beautiful and we got to see a piece of history from a different perspective, making it a truly memorable experience. We had a lunch after out ride, cooked by the owners parents, which was superb and with a good deal of prosecco!
This was the highlight of our trip and I can’t recommend riding the Appia Antica enough! xx


“A way to see the ancient queen’s pathay”
A had a great a two hours morning with my horse,Cheko, exploring the queens pathway with our tour guide Andreas (the person on the white horse). We walked along the path just under a hour. Then he took us to a a beautiful nature spot , a place similar to walking next to a valley (sorry don’t know what does it called!) and stood there for 10 minutes watching the beauty of nature and then returned again to the stable. I was really concerned about insects and mosquitoes but fourtuntly there was none.
Totally recommended, ps (no need to be a good rider to join, its is ok if you are a first timer!)
Majid A

“Relaxing! Loved it!”
I had a wonderful time for an late afternoon ride from 5-7pm for the Appian Way ride. It was really great to get out of the hustle and bustle of Rome and explore the countryside. Alessandro (Sandro) was really personable, along with one other woman there (I forgot her name), who took really good care of the horse (everyone there was actually wonderful, but I only had interactions with the woman and Sandro). We traveled through cobblestone paths, fields, woods, trails, and even had panoramic views of Rome at one point during the trip. We even stopped at a little cafe and were served wine!
I would suggest calling them, as that was the easiest way I was able to book my tour. Very cool and super relaxing.

Anna P

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